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Raw Films
Raw Films: Raw Edge - Gay DVD
starring Robbie Masters and Jay Renfro

Raw Films, Raw Edge

Outstanding and exceptional bare back sex includes an excellent double penetration sequence, along with a multiple amount of cum in the mouth moments. Every bloke is a sex god!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Robbie Master, Filip Armstrong and Filip Dorty

Raw Films, Raw Edge

Robbie Masters and Filip Armstrong decide they want to play with each others cocks in bed. It's not long before both Masters and Armstrong are having a really good man cock suck. Luckily for us this is not going to be just a twosome but a threesome. Filip Dorty gives us the meat in the man sandwich so to speak. Dorty sees his fellow buddies hard at it whilst lying in his bed, so he starts wanking himself and he puts a condom on. Masters and Armstrong come to the aid of Dorty and rescue him from the prison of his own self satisfaction. From then on Dorty is totally man used in horny porn paradise, first Masters and Armstrong wank Dorty off whilst Dorty still has his condom on, then once Dorty has flooded the condom with his man juices, Masters pulls Dorty?s condom off and they have a quick play with it, which finally leads to both Masters and Armstrong, pouring the cum from the condom into Dorty's sex god mouth. Other highlights of this one scene alone are Dorty gets well and truly double penetrated in excellent style, bareback of course, plus cum in the mouth moments and all the kissing, cock sucking, fucking and rimming you can enjoy.

Scene 2:

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Raw Films, Raw Edge

The second scene is another sea of horny paradise which has three horny boyish looking young studs in it. Two barmen show off in the bar sexually in front of a customer, one barman pulls his cock out and the other barman plays with it. They try and tease their blond customer, who is the most boyish looking one of the three, called Lucky Penn. Penn goes to his bedroom in the hotel and in total sexual frustration, our smooth skinned man boy wanks himself with one hand, whilst fucking himself, with a flexible long dildo up is butt hole, with his other hand. After a while Ricci Silverado and Thomas Wolf the two barmen from the bar, enter Penn's room without Penn knowing at first, then cute as hell Silverado pulls his cock out again with Wolf wanking it off for him, as they briefly watch Penn pleasuring himself. Wolf is the slimmest and tallest and has short brown hair and Silverado is nicely tanned with a tattoo on his back. They both help Penn get even more sexually excited by really fucking and sucking on Penn hard. After Wolf has fucked Penn and cum, he has to leave to go back to the bar, which leaves Penn to get fucked by Silverado. Penn really moans like hell when being fucked and then at the end enjoys sucking on Silverado's cock, Silverado ends up Cumming into Penn's mouth.

Scene 3:

Raw Films, Raw Edge

Thomas Lee likes the smell of his boyfriend so much he waits for Filip Armstrong to go into the shower and then picks up Armstrong's designer underpants from the floor, he then gets naked and sniffs and licks his boyfriends underpants whilst sitting on the toilet wanking himself off. Lee has short blond hair and is a smooth young stud; he is just as sexy as the rest of the sex god cast. Of course it's not long before Armstrong catches Lee in his moment of underwear fetish ness and he helps Lee to continue his fetish and makes him suck on his cock too. Within minutes Lee has Armstrong Cumming all over the underpants and of course Lee enjoys sniffing and licking Armstrong's, now well soiled underpants even more. This he continues to do whilst Armstrong gives Lee a good cock sucking. Once Lee has cum into Armstrong's mouth, of course Lee wipes Armstrong's face with the same underpants, so he can enjoy even more of Armstrong's, soaking wet cum stained underpants, for sniffing and licking pleasure. Hot or what lads?

Scene 4:

Raw Films, Raw Edge

There is so much hot and horny sex in this which includes another three excellent scenes, the last scene being a five man orgy. This is an excellent all around suck and fuck and has excellent cum in the mouth moments. The guys are hot, the sex his even hotter.

Scene 5:

Raw Films, Raw Edge

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Twinks, Bareback Sex, Jocks, Oral Sex, Dildos, Threeways/Orgy, Double Penetration, Cum Eating, Big Cocks, Jockstraps, Briefs, Snowboarding, European, Facial Cumshots, Uncut Cocks, Young Men, Rimming

Running Time: 106 mins

Price: Around £15 / €17/50*

Starring: Robbie Masters, Dion Philips, Thomas Wolf, Filip Dorty, Lucky Pen, Drago Lembeck, Ronnie Wilson, Ricci Silverado, Rocky Sommers, Thomas Lee, Filip Armstrong, Sanchez Viva

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Raw Films

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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Everyone knows that cowboys are the hardiest – not to mention hardest! – of characters; and it’s little wonder that gay guys everywhere have always had a bit of a soft spot for them. Or should that be a hard spot? No fucking wonder a cowboy was an integral character of Village People!

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Also available from Raw: Raw Builders
Raw Films,  Raw Builders

The Spanish construction industry might have hit something of a bad patch in recent years, but you can take it as read that this bunch of fit, blue-collared fuckers are determined to pound some life back into it! David Sky, Mike Cole and Mark Fontana join up with hired hand, Titus Snow, for some of the hottest, horniest outdoor action imaginable; as director, Timmy Treasure, lets them put their brick-laying skills to one side in favour of raw action of a distinctly carnal nature.

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