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Raw Films
Raw Films: Raw Piss Prison
starring: Marco Bill, Marcel Bimore & Jerry Brand

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Otherwise known as "Memoirs Of A Twink Convict", Robin Few reminisces about his time in the Czech Republic's most notorious place of penal correction packed full of dirty piss boys gagging for a good soaking!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Laundry Room Fuck-Fest

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Knowing how to control your inmates is a vital key to the success of any prison-guard - a fact that young Adrian Cooke clearly hasn't got the hang off yet. Having stumbled upon the fabulous Zack Hood - the jail's most notorious prisoner - giving head to hairy-chested guard, Jack Brent, the inexperienced guard tries his luck ... with disastrous results! Before he knows it he's being forced down on all fours for the violation of a lifetime - a fate also promptly dished out to fellow inmate, John Hill, who enters the laundry room midway through the antics. Typically, Hood is very much the dominate force here, first fucking Hill, and then (having emptied his balls) forcing Cooke to ram his cock up Hill's ass as well. With so much resultant cum, it's perhaps just as well there are plenty of fresh towels to hand! The scene ends with Zack emptying his fat cock of piss on the arse and face of the other two guys.

Scene 2: Bareback Shower-Room Duo

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

As everyone knows, there's a distinct pecking order in any prison establishment - a fact that the delightful Marco Bill has clearly accepted and taken very much to heart. Knowing that he's never gonna be top dog, he's simply known as "fuckman", serving as an open and willing bottom to every horny top he meets in the showers - a place, as we all know too well, that have a distinct reputation in any prison. And on this occasion that means serving the needs of hot and horny Marty Broome, who simply can't wait to get that thick, uncut shaft of his between Bill's hungry cheeks. Cue some fabulous anal antics over a chair, ultimately resulting in Bill receiving just the sort of terrific, chin-dripping facial that we all know a boy of his filthy calibre deserves.

Scene 3: Prison-Cell Cum-Sodden Love-In

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Sharing a prison-cell with someone you don't know from Adam can't be much fun - unless, of course, you just so happen to click for someone who really understands your sexual needs. Fortunately for Robin Few, that's exactly what our hero finds in Jimmy Call - a fabulously charming blond lad, who's quite literally hung like a donkey and has the sort of libido that ensures that the cold and lonely hours of incarceration do not remain that way for very long. Call's insatiable sexual appetite quickly ensures that he's soon laid out on his bunk with his legs in the air - an open invitation that Few (not surprisingly) fails to shun. The sight of Few's bubble-butt pounding away into Call's rump is an undeniable highlight. As is that of both lads spewing teen-spunk for all its worth.

Scene 4: Soft New-Boy Gets Hard Raw Cock!

Also available: Forced Fuckers (2 DVD Compilation)

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, Timothy Nixon is about to discover that being the new boy in this establishment isn't much fun - especially when it involves being put in the same cell as notorious sexual predator, Zack Hood. Like it or not, the youngster is very quickly learning what his mouth and ass are for in a place like this, with Hood promptly taking charge of Nixon's rear, whilst fellow-inmate, Jerry Brand, forces his hard shaft down the youngster's throat. Hood is not without his generous side, however. Having violated Nixon with his long, thick cock, he flips the boy over so that Brand can do exactly the same! It's near-to-the-knuckle stuff, knowing how close to reality this is for so many young lads in prison, but we reckon that won't stop anyone watching this from wanking themselves off into an appreciative frenzy!

Scene 5: Power Corrupts - Sometimes Absolutely

Also available: Uniformed Shooters (2 DVD set)

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

It's a sad fact, but there will always be those who abuse their positions of authority - prison-guard, John Hill, clearly being one of them. Taking advantage of the petty misdemeanours of baby-faced Michael Cross, the fellow threatens to extend the offender's sentence if he doesn't consent to providing him with sexual services. On the advice of Marty Broome, Cross agrees - a decision that leads to the sort of no-holds-barred, desk-top threesome that we can only imagine takes place in prisons up and down the land! Flip-flopping around, Broome and Cross fuck each other senseless; whilst Hill overlooks the action, sucking both lads off like he hasn't had cock in weeks! A stunning, under-shot orgasm from Cross serves as one of the highlights of the whole film.

Scene 6: Getting To Know (And Pleasure) Your Superiors

Also available: Cum Cravers (2 DVD compilation)

Raw Piss Prison, Raw Films

Having paraded himself around in women's clothing for the benefit of guards and fellow-inmates alike, Robin Few finally secures the attention of the two individuals who've interested him from day one: Mark Lee and Marcel Bimore, two bereted officers with the sort of truncheons in their pants that deserve the whole-hearted attention of any cock-loving twink. Arguably the scene of the show, Few's dreams finally come true as Lee thrusts his knob-end into the criminal's out-stretched butt-hole, whilst Bimore shoves an equally hard rod into our hero's all-too-eager mouth. Ultimately, however, we suspect it'll be the sight of the comely Few getting Lee's baby-batter sprayed across his face that'll be the most abiding memory here. Little wonder that the fellow gives an almost wistful remembrance to some of the best sex he (and us viewers) have ever has the pleasure of experiencing!

Scene 7: Prison Piss Bitch

Staxus, Raw Piss Prison

There's nothing he likes more than being pissed on my his fellow in-mates and wardens. In this scene he gets the drenching he deserves.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Bareback Sex, Europeans, Horsehung, Military, Muscle Men, Twinks/Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Black Men, Blonds, College/Dorms, Cum eating, Facial Cumshots, Kissing, Live Sound, Older Men/Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Download Gay DVDs

Running Time: 120 mins, Year: 2009

Price: Around £26*

Starring: Marco Bill, Marcel Bimore, Jerry Brand, Jack Brent, Marty Broome, Jimmy Call, Adrian Cooke, Michael Cross, Robin Few, John Hill, Zack Hood, Mark Lee, Timothy Nixon

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Raw Films

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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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