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Jocks Studio
Jocks Studio: Mountain Tops 1 (JVP160)

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 1


See also:
Mountain Tops 2

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 2

These JOCKS are fans of nature, and their adventures to the Mountain Tops get their cocks and asses elevated. The sexual needs of these JOCKS never sleep, and their desires get intensified while they’re hiking and camping with their buddies. On their treks through the great outdoors they find secluded spots to take care of their need for release. These studs are Mountain Tops and serious bottoms. Director Bruno Bond has hit his stride with the JOCKS line, and in Mountain Tops, Part 1 he delivers a bevy of young studs and gets them to bring their best performances in the Northern California Mountains. Sunlight doesn’t generate a lot of heat there, but beefy Danny Palick and slim Jackson Taylor scorch things up with multiple fucking positions. Brad Foxx and Levi Madison opt for a suck, rim and fuck, with Levi exhibiting a strong command on Brad’s cock and Brad exhibiting an inviting ass. Hot and hung stud, James Ryder’s outdoor shower lures Drake Wild into his horny hands. Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi dance a slow flip-fuck, pitting hot-n-hard bodies against each other with cocks reaching all the way into both of their throats and holes. Take an unforgettable trip to the Mountain Tops where you’ll find the hottest JOCKS heating up the high elevations.

Description / Review:
Scene 1: Danny Palick, Jackson Taylor

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 1

A shaft of sunlight penetrating the tree canopy reveals Danny Palick and Jackson Taylornecking in the woods. Danny’s farmer tan gives him a country boy appeal, but when he slipsthe wife beater off Jackson’s lithe, tan body and runs his tongue down one of Jackson’s cumgutters, you know this country boy has got some serious libido. Jackson’s jeans come downand his boner pops up and out, defying gravity, right into Danny’s hot mouth. They tradepositions. Looking down, Danny gets a great view of his cock gliding smoothly betweenJackson’s lips, which part with the pressure while still grasping Danny’s hard, fat shaft.While Jackson’s head moves rhythmically in and out, he reaches up to twist Danny’snipples, never breaking eye contact. Danny sucks his precum off Jackson’s tongue, thenJackson sits on the cock that’s lubed with his spit. The cowboy position lets them make outwhile they fuck. Danny clasps Jackson’s tan-lined buns while Jackson bounces. Theyexhaust three more ultra-hot positions before the probing and pounding pushes Jackson overthe edge and he sends a fountain of jism across his washboard abs, soon to be joined by Danny’s thick, wet load.

Scene 2: Levi Madison, Brad Foxx

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 1

Brad Foxx and Levi Madison are joined at the tongue. Tall evergreens afford privacy for their mountaintop tryst. When Levi rolls up Brad’s t-shirt, he’s confronted by too manychoices, so he yanks Brad’s pants down and goes for the cock. It’s big and veiny, with plum-sized balls hanging below. Using his hand and his tongue, Levi wraps Brad’s uncut meat in a warm envelope of flesh. While Levi shucks his shirt and pants, Brad turns the other cheek. Two, actually. He spreads them so Levi can work his tongue in deeper. Levi’s right hand works its own sexual magic: a thumb teasing Brad’s hole while fingers grasp andgently squeeze Brad’s nut sack. This could make a guy shoot in no time, so Brad pushes Levi against a tree and enters him from behind. Brad’s abs take center stage, rippling as he drives his cock into Levi’s smooth hole again and again. They drop to the ground with Levi on his back, his knees tucked to his shoulders as Brad slams deeper and faster, displaying a perfectly rounded ass. They separate and kiss. Levi sucks Brad’s cock one final time as it begins to spew its load, which runs over Levi’s lips and drips onto his slim chest. Levi grabs his own cock and churns a load onto the forest floor.

Scene 3: Tate Ryder, Sebastian Rossi

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 1

Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi find a secluded area to unload the cooler and camping gear in favor of nuzzling each other like frisky colts. Once the shirts are off, their hands rove the two muscular torsos. Tate rims Sebastian’s navel; his hand slides under the waistband of Sebastian’s jeans to knead a growing hardon. When it’s fully rigid, Tate slips Sebastian’s pants off, exposing a hard-as-marble physique and an uncut cock with lots of foreskin that Tate stretches and chews along with the deepthroating and ball sucking. The picnic table becomes a platform for 69ing. Tate’s hole flutters at the touch of Sebastian’s tongue, and with a spontaneous “ooh” the final inch of Sebastian’s cock finds a home in Tate’s windpipe. They jostle for position to fuck, and when the precum clears, Sebastian is riding Tate’s cock in the bridge position. When his thighs reach exhaustion, they trade roles and Sebastian fucks Tate missionary style. Both are dripping sweat as Sebastian strokes Tate to orgasm, with Tate providing the final squeezes that send him over the edge, filling his navel with cum that cascades across his abs. A final kiss proves the key to releasing Sebastian’swad.

Scene 4: James Ryder, Drake Wild

Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 1

James Ryder is flaunting it in an outdoor shower — colorful tatts, smooth muscles and a long, swelling cock. Hiker Drake Wild wasn’t expecting this species of wildlife, but he exploits his luck by finding a spot from which to ogle. He is hard before he can unbutton his pants. Drake is seen by James, whose actions take on a striptease quality. Cupping his pecs, swaying and stroking himself, James lures Drake into the spray, clothes and all. They lock lips under the cascading water, then hold hands and stroll to the deck. His prey firmly in hand, James begins sucking Drake’s cock. It’s hefty and cut. The fervor with which he sucks, and the expressions on his face convey that he always hoped this would happen and he can’t quite believe it did. Drake lets him suck for a long time before returning the favor to this handsome stud who has just made his day. He gives a foamy blow job. On a bench nearby James kneels so Drake can fuck him from behind. Again, his expressions betray a virginal quality that adds another layer of heat to the fucking. James flips over. Both of them are breathing in short gasps now, and James showers his tummy with spooge, quickly followed by Drake’s shower of cum on his head and face.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult,

Running Time: 119 mins, Year: 2012 (Jocks Pac 160)

Price: Around £29*

Starring: Brad Foxx, Danny Palick, Drake Wild, Jackson Taylor, James Ryder, Levi Madison, Sebastian Rossi,Tate Ryder

Director: Bruno Bond

Studio: Jocks Studio

Buy DVDs online at:

Official member sites: Falcon Studios and Jocks Studio

Gay Video On Demand: Jocks Studio, See also:

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Jocks: Mountain Tops 2
Jocks Studio, Mountain Tops 2

These jocks are taking it to the Mountain Tops of California again for more hiking, camping and fucking in Mountain Tops 2, the second of this sexy two-parter. These jocks get turned on and riled up in the great outdoors and director Bruno Bond navigates them through their natural sexual urges that create intense energy in the mountains.

Also available from Jocks: Bold Moves
Jocks Studio, Bold Moves

Seeing guys go at it is enough to turn anyone on. When they don't know they're being watched and they're in the throes of hot sex, is even more stirring. Bold Moves is a series of cum-inspiring scenarios with voyeuristic transitions that further excite each participant. These studs use the arousal from their sexual spying to inspire another level of stimulation, providing one hot, bold encounter after another.

Also available from Jocks: Big Country
Jocks Studio, Big Country

These well endowed collegiates are the definition of Jocks, and their massive endowments are raring to go from start to finish in Big Country. Director Bruno Bond helms another fabulous solo effort by being a fly on the wall of a country house taken over by these youthful studs, where the air crackles with sex from dawn to dusk.

Cast: Ray Diaz, Levi Madison, Lucas Vitello, Luke Milan, Bobby Clark, Jake Steel, Paddy O'Brian

Also available from Jocks: Jesse's Getaway
Jocks, Jesse's Getaway

It's time to party hearty with Jesse Santana and his frisky friends who invade the Mirage-Vista Grande Resort in Palm Springs for a no-holds-barred sex-capade in Jesse's Getaway. Horny Devon Hunter finds Jesse Santana asleep, looking so hot and yummy that he's got to get a bite. He approaches the sleeping beauty and rouses him from his slumber with gentle nibbles and crotch kisses

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Also available from Jocks: Parker's Mirage
Jocks, Parker's Mirage

Falcon Studios presents Parker's Mirage! He's not fake, he is all real and this feature will show you just how real Parker can be.

Cast: Cliff Jensen, Corey Martin, Devon Hunter, Donny Wright, Jake Austin, Logan Drake, Parker London, Tyler Andrews

Please click here for more information or to buy

Also available from Jocks: Shane's Pool Party
Jocks,  Shane's Pool Party

Leaning against the big Tiki god in his tropical garden, Shane Frost’s got his hands full as he jerks off. Tyler Andrews walks by and offers a hand, well, rather his mouth. He gets down on his knees and opens up to suck down Shane’s cock. Shane can barely contain himself as Tyler knoshes greedily on his dick without coming up for air...

Cast: Billy Byron, Cliff Jensen, Devon Hunter, Donny Wright, Dylan Roberts, Jake Austin, Shane Frost, Tyler Andrews

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