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Bukshot Productions
Buckshot Productions: Brotherhood

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Description / Review:
In Brotherhood, Danny Roddick stars in the role of Chandler, one of the most popular guys on campus and a pillar of his college fraternity. When one of his fraternity brothers discovers that Chandler has been secretly working his way through college making all-male adult movies, all hell breaks loose.
Determined not to resign, Chandler sets out to discover the secrets of the other brothers and "level the playing field."

The entire film takes place during one long, hot night at the frat house after a formal dance. The eleven-man cast, including Danny Roddick, also features Dean Phoenix as an over-endowed redneck, Jan Fischer as a foreign exchange student, Kevin Armstrong as the president of the fraternity, Trey Casteel as a blue-blooded legacy, Sebastian Rivers as a football star, Tory Mason as the campus sex hound, Jorden Michaels as a theological student, Justin Burkshire and Kurt Wild as a pair of brothers, and Dallas Reeves as a closeted pledge.

Scene 1: Dallas Reeves, Danny Roddick, Justin Berkshire, Kurt Wild & Tory Mason!

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Chandler (BUCKSHOT Man Danny Roddick) begins his quest to get the better of his brothers by laying a trap as they return from a formal dance. Brother Blitz (Tory Mason) and Pledge Cory return oversexed and under satisfied by their dates to find Chandler laying in wait. Wearing little more than a wry grin and a huge hard on Chandler invites his brother to kick back with a few beers beer and a porn movie. It doesn’t take long for the heat between the brothers to come to the surface; soon all three are jerking each other off. The O’Malley brothers (Justin Burkshire, Kurt Wild), late comers to the party first stick to each other then join the party for an amazing five way free for all.

Scene 2: Danny Roddick, Sebastian Rivers & Trey Casteel

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Brother Quincy (Trey Casteel) distraught over a breakup with fiance?e who won’t accept a man with pubic hair finds support in the company in all too comforting Brother Chandler. Chandler first Consoles Quincy then proposes an obvious solution, just shave it all off! Always the supportive Brother, Chandler offers to help with a steady hand (and hard cock). Brother Romano (Sebastian Rivers) joins in and soon they have Quincy lathered and ready to be shaved. One thing leads to another and soon Quincy finds the lather from his full body shave serving double duty as lube for an intense pounding from Romano. Quincy’s pounding culminates in an incredible arcing cum shot as Chandler steels away to his next conquest.

Scene 3: Danny Roddick & Dean Phoenix

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Brother Waldman returns to the house to beg Chandler to call off his plan, only to discover that the wheels are already in motion. Brother Chandler discovers Yokum (Buckshot Man Dean Phoenix) nursing a bruised ego and blue balls after being turned away by a girlfriend that could not handle his massive cock. Always quick to act on his “anything for a brother” attitude Chandler suggests self- sucking as an alternative to a fickle girlfriend. After a warm up blowjob to get his massive cock to its full size, Yokum finds himself splayed across the dining room table being coached into an amazing self suck performance. Chandler finishes the job with an intense rimjob that gives him a bird’s eye view of Yokum’s intense self-facial cumshot.

Scene 4: Jorden Michaels, Justin Berkshire & Kurt Wild

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Brother Goodwin (Jorden Michaels), devout theology student and virginal Groom to be, returns to the house in time to witness the intense 5 way action that kicked off Brother Chandler’s sexual crusade. After witnessing the scene unfolding in front of him, the virgin Goodwin is no longer able to contain his carnal desires or his raging erection. Chandler, always there to lend a hand tells Goodwin exactly what he wants to hear, convincing him sex between brothers is no sin. To prove his point Chandler enlists the help of the O’Malley’s who first introduce Goodwin to the pleasure of brotherly love with a combination dual blow job and make out session, then really drive the point home with a three way ass pounding. Seeing his work is done, Chandler’s follows his mischievous grin and hard cock to his next objective.

Scene 5: Danny Roddick & Jan Fischer

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Chandler and his close companion Brother Waldman (Jan Fisher) discover one of Chandlers BUCKSHOT films and a large bag of pot hidden in Brother Pike’s (Kevin Armstrong) footlocker. Believing they have found the Blackmailer, Chandler and Waldman lay in wait to confront the closeted marine. They are not alone for long before they follow their hearts and hard-ons into each other’s arms for an intense lovemaking session. The Marine Pike returns just in time to find the two engaged in 69 in his bed. After the final cumshot he attacks Chandler in a rage. Waldman intervenes and proposes a bargain; they both agree to keep each other’s secrets. All are surprised when Romano suddenly exits with a bag full of jockstraps and a football.

Scene 6: Dallas Reeves, Danny Roddick, Dean Phoenix, Jan Fischer, Jorden Michaels, Kevin Armstrong, Sebastian Rivers & Tory Mason

Buckshot Productions, Brotherhood

Brothers Pike Chandler and Waldman follow Romano to the living room to find the entire Brotherhood playing their own special version of football in the form of an all out jock strap clad orgy. Pike infuriated attempts to break it up but relents after Chandler points out that it’s too late to protest, the Brotherhood has no more secrets. Pike gives in and joins the group. Freed from inhibition, the Brothers proceed to act out every fantasy that they had kept pent up in an eleven man half hour long free for all orgy that has to be seen to be believed.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 150 mins, Year: 2007

Price: From £31*

Starring: Danny Roddick, Dallas Reeves, Dean Pheonix, Jan Fischer, Jorden Michaels, Justin Burkshire, Kevin Armstrong, Kurt Wilde, Sebastian Rivers, Tory Mason, Trey Casteel

Director: Kristofer Weston

Studio: Buckshot Productions

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Member site: Colt Studio Group / Buckshot Productions

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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