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UK Hot Jocks
UK Hot Jocks: OriFFICE Junior - Gay DVD

UK Hot Jocks, Oriffice Junior

Tension builds in this all male office block. Something in the sleek lines, dusty original brickwork and tight trousers that is pushing these men to the edge of distraction.

At the centre focus of many very un-corporate sexy acts is the office junior, a cute new foreign intern who's turning heads, pressing crotches to desks and stirring the loins of these hot blooded men.

They can't resist his alluring full lips and tight buns. Innocent he may look but he's the most insatiable of them all.

OriFFICE Junior
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Scene 1: I Quit

Cast: Seth Knight and Jake Cullen

UK Hot Jocks, Oriffice Junior

It's a busy day in the office, business as usual. Seth escapes up to the rooftop for a 'breath of fresh air', corporate code for a cigarette. It's something he's being toiling with for sometime, looking at the packet he suddenly changes his mind, crushing the flimsy box and remaining death sticks before dropping them over the side of the building. Enough is enough! After a big sigh and a moment of reflection he realises he'll have to deal with his stress in other ways.

Leaning against an air-conditioning unit he arrives at the perfect solution, he needs a good release. Stroking himself into a hardened frenzy right there on the city centre rooftop his faint groans alert Jake, an engineer who's working behind the big unit Seth is leaning on. Jake sneaks a peek round to catch this horny boy right in the act! Unafraid and each driven by his own horn they watch each other for a moment before getting it on together, without saying a word.

Kissing and sucking in the open air, right in the middle of the city is exhilarating for both guys, they're up high but still overlooked, anyone could be watching them! After a good chew on each others meat, Jake has the Idea to take this inside, there's an empty office floor he knows about. Down they go to the vast empty space, nothing filling it except for bright sunlight streaming through the windows... and now two hot young jocks fucking! The light gently touching their silhouettes as Jake fucks Seths tight willing arse is quite beautifully entwined between their passionate thrusts and embrace. Stud Jake pounds Seth, making him moan to excess echoing through the big commercial space. Taking control Seth climbs on top and rides Jakes fat meat till he bursts all over this Irish boys pale skin and colourful tattoos before giving himself a second coat of hot creamy cum. Jake the engineer looks more like a painter/decorator now!

Scene 2: Issac's First Day

UK Hot Jocks, Oriffice Junior

Issac is a new addition to the company, after passing all interview stages he's asked to come in for a trial. Tyson meets him in the waiting area and instantly theres an attraction between these two, theres a mental spark when they shake hands. After showing him round the building he takes him to his desk, it's a quiet office and he's sat not far away from him, within eye contact. It's not long until Issac is struggling with a computer related task (as well as the one in his pants). Tyson comes to the rescue, leaning over his shoulder to give him a hand. Issac edges closer and closer to him.. it's either gonna get uncomfortable or they're gonna go for it. At long last they kiss!

Standing up out of the office chair they start to strip each other, checking out the muscles beneath the work wear. They take it in turns to suck each other, one massive cock after the next. These guys are really hung, both 8"+! Issacs tanned, ripped body aggressively grazes Tysons smooth rich chocolate skin, with equally impressive physiques. The hot pair writhe and fuck hard against the raw brick wall, shagging so hard over the desk they nearly shake the office to pieces! Taking it down to the floor Tyson straddles Issac for some deep penetration, bulging thighs bouncing for all they're worth before he spurts on Issacs tensed abdominals. Tyson takes a seat to be physically showered by Issacs enormous load and looks suitably impressed. I think this new employee will make it past the trial stage!

Scene 3: Working Late

UK Hot Jocks, Oriffice Junior

It's been a long day and Seth can't wait to get out of the office and get home. Thinking his day is over he pushes himself away from his desk, only to have an enormous stack of paperwork is dumped in front of him.
"Wha-what is this?" he mutters in disbelief.
JP tells him that it all needs done by that night, no excuses. Seth objects but is told he has no choice, JP is pulling a long night too. He grumbles and pulls himself back into his station.

Hours pass and he doesn't look to be any closer to getting finished. JP takes him a cup of coffee by way of an apology.. and also to soften the blow of news that all the extra work wasn't really necessary he just needed to get Seth on his own. Flipping out, Seth goes into a rant about being mistreated. Without explanation JP tells him that he already know why he's being kept behind, before exploding into a passionate kiss together. Clearly some tension has been building for a while, these guys really get it on! Sucking, fucking and flip-flopping all over the office. They share and take turns on each other in every way, spit, cum and condoms fly everywhere!

Scene 4: Board MEATing

UK Hot Jocks, Oriffice Junior

It's another big, boring, board meeting and most of the staff look as though they're loosing the will to live! Seth is leading the proceedings attended by Sam, Diesel, Leo and James. Some guys twiddle with their phones to pass the time whereas some of them are doing their best to feign interest in the weekly reports. Time for the projector but hold on, it doesn't seem to be working? Seth tries everything to keep the meeting going but in vain he can't get the projection to work. Reaching out onto the table he tries to manually fix it, only he can't reach. Embarrassing but seemingly the only way, he crawls up onto the massive meeting room table to fix the device. NOW the guys seem interested, Seths pert little bum in his already tight pants, wiggling in the air whilst he's busy with a tech fault. It's not long before all the guys have noticed that they're ALL looking at him, Seth remains oblivious.

Suit trousers tighten, crotches bulge and hands start to wander. Before they know it they're all standing around the table cocks out, hard and pointing at the office junior, lucky boy! They spin him round like a lazy susan, shove dicks in his mouth and tongues in his arse. Shirts and shoes hit the floor and the giant board room table becomes the perfect piece of furniture to command a 5 man orgy! So many arses to fuck and mouths to fill, maybe they should make THIS a weekly occurrence instead?

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, British Gay Porn

Running Time: 103 mins, Year: 2017

Price: Around £28*

Starring: Sam Barclay, J.P. Dubois, Seth Knight, Isaac Jones, Leo Domenico, James Carter, Diesel O'Green, Tyson Tyler, Jake Cullen

Director: UK Hot Jocks

Studio: UK Hot Jocks

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Member site: UK Hot Jocks

Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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