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Staxus  / Sport Ladz
Sport Ladz: Up And Under - Gay DVD

Sport Ladz, Up and Under



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Football’s fun, but rugby – played by hunks with funny shaped balls! – is most definitely the game for REAL men! What’s more, as this superb tribute to the greatest sport on earth demonstrates, it’s a pastime that allows both players and supporters to get to know each other in the most intimate fashion.
Orlando White, Blake Hanson and Darius Ferdynand lead the field as the sexiest team in the league get dirty and sweaty in a succession of spunk-inducing tackles. Ben Cohen – rugby sex-god extraordinaire – eat your heart out!!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Cute Rugby Pup Gets Spit-Roasted & Splattered By A Pair Of Oversized Hunks On Heat!

Starring: Christian Martin, Damian Boss, Jonny Kingdom
Also available: Now That's What I Call Staxus 4 (2 DVDs)

Sport Ladz, Up and Under

All that time spent feeling each other up out on the rugby field has clearly left Damian Boss and Jonny Kingdom in a state of heightened sexual charge – a condition made all the more intense by the copious quantities of alcohol these two hunks have clearly been consuming. Under the circumstances, therefore, poor Christian Martin doesn’t ever stand a chance – the cute little twink really is like putty in their hands, and before you know it he’s being manhandled by both studs and forced down onto their thick, manly ramrods.

Not that Martin seems to be too upset at being used and abused, it has to be noted. In fact, the pretty, fine-featured pup looks like a pig in mud as he feasts on all that hard cock on offer. In fairness, mind, he’s presented with two of the thickest, meatiest dicks on the circuit, and it’s clear from early on that he’s eager to get them banging away up his tight, horny ass-hole. As it happens, neither Boss or Kingdom are of a mind to let the lad leave disappointed; and before you know it the fellow is being energetically spit-roasted for all that he’s worth.

What follows is a sweaty escapade of man-on-man sex that sees Martin fucked for all he’s worth, and which will unquestionably leave you looking for the Kleenex in appreciation. Talking of which, there’s no time for tissues when these guys blow. Instead, the two hunky tops blast their copious wads of goo all over Martin’s comely little face – excuse the pun! – before the well-fertilised bottom wanks out a generous spray of his own ball-batter. All in all, a terrific result from everyone concerned!

Scene 2: Interracial Sport-Kit Fornication Sees Orlando White Fuck The Balls Off His Mixed-Race Buddy!

Starring: Orlando White and Tyler Dee
Also available: Black Does White (Compilation Gay DVD)

Sport Ladz, Up and Under

Orlando White and Tyler Dee are both as hard as nails on the pitch – and (as this scene ably demonstrates) that’s pretty much the way of things off the pitch too! Or at least when they’re along together in the bedroom, where strips are torn away with gusto and cocks are sucked and massaged with cum-inducing enthusiasm. Not that such antics are to be wondered at given the quality of male flesh on offer in this scene – White, with his movie-star good looks and insatiable libido, and mixed-race Dee, whose lithe, angelic body and handsome black dick are enough to get even the most fatigued of porn fans into something of a demented lather!

As such, the sight of these two fellows taking turns at giving head proves to be a distinct delight; though Dee’s subsequent positioning of his ass over his buddy’s uncut knob-head immediately knocks the sexual frisson up by several notches. Cue a fabulous session of raw, unbridled, man-on-man fornication that will surely send the pulses racing – not to mention the wrists – of anyone who loves interracial horseplay.

Indeed, by the time that Dee quite literally succumbs to the inevitable and spills a fine wad of fresh jizz all over his belly – White banging away at his ass as he does so – there’s more than a distinct possibility that you’ll have blown your own gasket, so to speak. If not, then seeing White blast an equally robust spray of ball-snot across Dee’s comely black face will almost certainly secure satisfaction for all concerned!

Scene 3: Billy Rubens Spurts Like A Fountain After Rugby-Tackling His Buddy’s Well-Fuckable Ass!

Starring: Billy Rubens and Darius Ferdynand
Also available: Sporting Monsters (2 DVD Compilation)

Sport Ladz, Up and Under

Is there anything more enjoyable than being able to spend quality time with a good mate, downing beers together whilst watching the rugby? Well, nine times out of ten probably not. But sometimes – just sometimes – you find yourself in the company of a pal who’s not only as horny as hell but who’s as gorgeous as fuck, and on that occasion the sport on TV is always going to come a very poor second! As muscled beauties, Billy Rubens and Darius Ferdynand, each discover when they take time out to watch a match in each other’s company. Of course, the fact that they’ve chosen to enjoy the rugby whilst laid out together on a bed probably doesn’t help matters; and the game is very quickly eclipsed by the carnal desires that are soon sweeping through the minds of this dirty pair of randy fuckers.

Certainly Rubens doesn’t seem to be able to contain himself as he sweeps his luscious lips up and down the length of Ferdynand’s dick; and by the time that Darius is returning the compliment both lads are clearly on a different playing field altogether, all interest in rugby kicked into touch as they pleasure each other like a brace of over-sexed dingoes. Ferdynand, especially, can’t wait to get working on his buddy’s clearly over-sized balls; and it’s not long before he’s riding Ruben’s knob in a series of cum-inducing positions.

Given the intensity of the fuck and the fact that Ruben’s sack is quite clearly fit to burst, it’s little surprise that the jizz is soon flowing thick and fast – Rubens delivering an almost mind-blowing geyser that has to be seen to be believed!

Scene 4: Spunk-Inducing Tackles Galore As Two Hot, Horny Studs Score Off The Pitch!

Starring: Blake Hanson and Jace Tyler

Sport Ladz, Up and Under

Guys who breathe and live rugby all have one thing in common – they love to come across as “real” men, who would only ever dream of chasing girls and doing “real” men things. But don’t ever be fooled. The reality is that these kind of dudes love nothing better than to spend quality time with their mates, which usually involves supping beer together and sucking dick. And that’s pretty much what Blake Hanson and Jace Tyler engage in during the opening moments of this terrific encounter – unsurprisingly enough, of course, given that these are two extremely hot studs at the peak of their game and this is gay porn!!

What may surprise you, however, is the gusto and enthusiasm that both these lads put into their performance, not least of all Tyler, who deep-throats Hanson’s lovely uncut cock right down to the base without so much as a casual twinge of hesitation. Clearly this is a chap who was born to be a bitch, despite his clearly straight-acting persona – a fact that’s underlined when the fellow finally allows his buddy to nail him up the ass. What’s more, Tyler takes every hard inch that Hanson can muster with breathtaking relish, savouring a succession of varied positions in a bid to secure the keenest ride possible.

Ultimately though all this activity can have but one result, and it comes as no big wonder when Tyler busts his nut. What may surprise, however, is the amount of jizz the horny bastard yields; followed by an almost equally copious spray from Hanson’s dick!

The Sport Ladz Series
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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 80 mins, Year: 2014

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Christian Martin, Orlando White, Blake Hanson, Tyler Dee, Damian Boss, Jonny Kingdom, Billy Rubens, Darius Ferdynand, Jace Tyler

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Staxus / Sport Ladz

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Downloads: Sport Ladz @ Homoactive

Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Staxus / Sport Ladz, Play To Win

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